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Just when you thought it was safe to return to the net.


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1958 H-D panhead, no handlebars or seat. for rider who has lost his ass and has no where to turn. XXX-XXX-XXXX

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Just when I thought I had saw it all I ran across a website called noiseoff (can you say "I see dumb people"?). After reading their website and having a good laugh, I started to cry. Someone pinch me and wake me up. Is it possible that some people are this plain stupid?
Give me a break!
These idiots have listed among the top things for noise
Motorcycles with loud exhaust
Loud car stereo's
Car alarms (Im sure vehicle thieves would like them banned as well)
Landscaping (including lawnmowers and leaf blowers) (to hell with the grass I agree, I have better things to do than mow so let it grow!) 
Recreational vehicles (atv's, jet ski's, snowmobiles)
Engine brakes (yea, I had much rather have that 18 wheeler lose his brakes and crash into me than have to hear that dreadful sounding jake brake)
Last but certainly not least to make the list, Neighbors.
Thats right, once they have banned and stripped you of all your noise poluting objects, they want to ban you, your loud kids, your barking dog, the neighborhood Walmart, fast food resteraunts, bars, lounges, and night clubs as well. No, sadly im not kidding either as those items were on their website.
Whats next? a total extermination of all the crickets in the area?
helicopters, airplanes, sirens?
I have an idea, why dont we all just go back to the dark ages and live in caves and have to club our food to death and cook it over a fire if it is even invented.
Seriously people, if you have nothing better to do than complain all the time and if you are this disturbed by noise then instead of trying to shut the whole world and everything in it up, why not just move out into the desert or far far away from civilazation.
You know I hear NASA is trying to put life on the moon so do us all a favor and sign up but Just dont try to drag everyone else in into the shuttle with you. Long trips make me gassy anyhow so the noise may be unbearable and I cant afford a loud "ass" ticket at the moment since my baffles are wore out.