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So you managed to make it this far huh? What a long strange journey its been.
But even though our paths now must part, the ride has only begun my friend. So ride safe and ride free but for what ever goal, just ride.


To all the Veterans and currently active U.S. Soldiers,
Your service and contributions to our nation is greatly appreciated!


I hope you have been enjoying yourself while visiting my lil corner of insanity. Life's too short and valuable to spend it 24 7 being serious and upset over the roller coaster ride of ups and downs we face every day. Were living in a time were everyone seems to be easily offended by the smallest thing and they are looking for anything and everything to complain about so you might just be amazed at how a laugh every now and then can really turn a bad day into a more enjoyable one.


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I wanted to give some shout outs and thank you's to individuals who deserve it and have stood by me and have had the ability to put up with me. My family, my lovely wife (who also by the way bears most of the blunt of my crazy ways), my son (daddy's proud of you lil man!), Harley-Davidson for building the baddest bikes on the planet, Clint "the man with no name" Eastwood (for all your  memorable westerns), our countries servicemen (men and women both serving, retired, and Veterans), and most importantly the big man upstairs who has guided and bailed me outta more situations than I can even begin to remember.
There are many more whom I could probably fill an entire web page with thank you's so to save my wrist from developing carpal tunnel syndrome from trying to create that web page, everyone go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back. Wether you know it or not, somewhere you have made a difference in someones life and you deserve credit and my respect.