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The ride begins here...

Harley-Davidson. What comes to mind is an american made, chrome plated, fire breathing, earth shakin machine with the looks and curves that could only be compared to that of a sexy bikini clad pin-up girl.
Its been asked a thousand times by those who just dont comprehend the relationship of the rider and his H-D. why a harley? Why not ride a imported cruiser? what is the big deal with a harley?
To that I ask you this dear reader, why do you wear your hair a certain way? why do you have that certain outfit that you would endlessly wear over anything else in your wardrobe?
Could it not be said that somewhere, someone thinks your beloved haircut looks like it was styled by a F-5 tornado and that your favorite wardrobe matches the seat covers on a winnebago RV? 
But who are they or even I to judge you? It would be difficult for us to inevitably understand your stance and reasoning behind your choices unless WE were standing in your shoes.
So, the answers to the questions from all those who think the only reason we ride a harley is to fit in or become part of some fictional secret society is...... 
If I have to explain it, you would never understand.


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